Emergency & Weatherproof Phones

In this category you will find Weather-Proof and Weather-Resistant telephones in a variety of configurations: Enclosed & Open Enclosure weatherproof or weather resistant telephones for Pools, Parks. Lakes, Door Entry Call Box, institutions, transportation hubs, universities and roadside assistant locations. Use for outdoor areas, sheltered overhangs and minimal protection situations or use a fully sealed box telephone. Use for indoor areas such as pools, hot tub areas, shelter-in-place locations, parking garages and other rugged environments.

G-Tel offers high quality reliability and exceptional value for emergency only or full keypad telephones for a variety of uses including weatherproof and weather resistant stainless steel telephones that are vandal resistant, and designed for special purpose applications where a telephone must be both sturdy and attractive. Spend less and choose from direct weather heavy gauge aluminum housings, and/or sealed keypads and rubber gaskets, or semi-sealed weather resistant units for use in protected areas. There is a phone for every need, high quality or budget friendly.  

Serves: Weatherproof Phones, Outdoor Phones, Emergency Phones, Security & Prison Phones, Pool Phones, 911 and Emergency Phones, Area of Refuge Call Boxes, Security Center dialing, Door Entry, After Hours Call Box,

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