Below are testimonials from satisfied customers.

I would like to express my thanks to one of your talented and dedicated staff, Alfonso. Over the past 2 weeks or so and several e-mails and phone calls that included the obstacles of time, schedules, and hardware and software challenges, Alfonso was able to assist me in salvaging the Protel 7000 circuit board in a recent garage sale acquisition that allowed me to take the various parts of a payphone and res-erect it into a delightful conversation piece in my game room that can now receive and place phone calls over my land line.

Alfonso was patient, clear in instruction, and ultimately able to help me with the problems that I was having reprogramming the circuit board in the payphone I recently acquired.

While it cost $25 it was well worth it.

Thank you Alfonso and may all of you at "payphone.com" have a wonderful holiday season.


- Brad Howland

Hi Teresa! I am soooo sorry for not thanking you right away: I appreciate all that you have done so much! My Aunt and Uncle were thrilled and they have not had any problems with the scanner: I think you went above and beyond with your outstanding service, and I am not sure if I ever left you feedback? I'm a bit embarrassed, as I forgot where it was from when I originally bought it? I thought it was from Amazon? Anyhow, thank you again, you are the best.

Best Regards,

- Nancy Sterling

Good morning Teresa,

Thank you for the information. It is a pleasure dealing with someone who gives such good service to their customers. 

- Joan

Hi Teresa,

I don't know if I ever thanked you, but thank you for all of your help! It has been a blessing to be able to talk to my mom (an Alzheimer's patient) since I live far away. The simplicity of the phone is perfect for her, and in her situation, it's great not to have any numbers for her to do random dialing.

We were so happy to find a basic phone like this for an elderly person. Your products really met a need.

Thanks so much!

- Sheila

Hi Teresa,

I just spoke with the technician Alfonso and he provided me with some good information, I will attempt to work through this problem with him. Thank you for your prompt reply.....Great customer service from both of you!

Have a Happy New Year!
- Paul

Hi Teresa,

Thank you so much for researching this for me, you went way beyond good customer service. I really appreciate it.

We found the phone, way in the back of the top shelf in our storage room. It is up and working and our inspector was very impressed with the phone and box.

Thank you again, Have a great day! Gail 

- Rustic Lakes Campgrounds